Each session within the conference programme is linked to a different context in which we encounter Neurodiversity – Clinic, School, Workplace and Community. In themed sessions, we will combine expertise from research and practice – with neurodivergent presenters represented in every part of the programme.


Learn how neurodiversity arises in our genes and our brain cells, and consider what that means for diagnosis, health and daily life


Consider the varied school and educational experiences and lifelong learning of neurodivergent people and critically examine educational inclusion


Find out how to cultivate and support a neurodiverse workforce, from business leaders, entrepreneurs and researchers


Explore neurodiversity through the relationships we have, in our homes and our wider communities

Over two days, the ITAKOM global Neurodiversity event will feature keynote sessions hosted by pioneering minds, big talks from Neurodiversity experts, topic sessions, storytelling, workshops and more.


Leading thinkers sharing their expertise with the whole conference audience in a plenary session

Big Talk

Big Minds talking about Big Ideas in an hour-long presentation allowing some deeper exploration

Neurodiversity Thinkers

Pioneers at the cutting edge of neurodiversity scholarship, exploring the idea and its implications


A chance for some dialogue and discussion between experts with diverse perspectives


In-person, bookable, interactive sessions designed as a chance to learn something new

Topic Sessions

Each block features a collection of three invited speakers addressing a topic from multiple angles


Stories about real life, submitted by neurodivergent people

Research Reports*

New findings and innovations in research, drawn from a broad disciplinary spectrum

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