Programme FAQs

About meeting sessions

How is the programme structured?


The programme is built on four themes – Healthcare, Education, Workplace and Community.

Sessions vary in type, and you can find a full explanation on our Programme page.

Will there be a chance to ask questions? (Q & A – questions and answers)


If you are attending in-person, most sessions will invite questions and microphones will be available within the auditorium.

Not all sessions are designed for Q & A, and these include Keynote lectures, Short Stories (video presentations) and some Big Talks that have been pre-recorded. However, you can message speakers by using the App attendees list, if you have a pressing question that you would like them to answer.

If you are attending the event online, you can use the App to:

  • Send questions during live sessions to the chairperson (this will be a one-way facility)
  • Send questions to authors about their abstract/poster (but keep in mind that they may take time to reply to you if they are involved in live e-poster Chat sessions at the time).
Are any sessions unavailable for online attendees?


Only Workshops are unavailable for online attendees, that’s because they are highly interactive sessions.

Can in-person attendees also view sessions online?


Yes, anyone who has registered can access the platform to watch sessions either live during the event, or for up to three months after the event.

Will in-person attendees be able to view sessions missed during the live event online after the conference?


Yes, all registered attendees will be able to watch sessions after the event for up to three months.

Which halls are sessions taking place in?


We will be allocating sessions to specific halls in the weeks leading up to the event. With the exception of Keynote lectures (which are in plenary) we’re waiting to appraise numbers and likely preferences before publishing what will take place where.

About abstracts and posters

What are the categories for abstracts and posters?


16 abstracts have been accepted for oral presentation (and will not be available as a poster) and they are grouped into four categories.

All other accepted abstracts (available as posters) have been categorised into eight groups.

You can find all details of those groups here on our “posters and abstracts” page (under Programme).

How and when can I view abstracts?


The abstract book will be available soon as a PDF on the website. Go to the Programme page to access this.

Abstracts will also be available on the App when it launches on 1 March 2023, searchable by category or main author name.

How and when can I view posters?


Posters will be available through the following:

  1. In the App when it launches on 1 March 2023
  2. Via the online attendee platform
  3. At the live event in the ITAKOM Hub (Cromdale Hall); see details below

Posters have been allocated a specific time slot within a coffee or lunch break and each time slot has been lettered from A – H. In each slot, up to 13 posters will be available on digital screens, and authors (or a representative) are asked (if they are attending in person) to stand by their assigned screen during that break for anyone to visit them/view/ask questions/discuss.

In the abstract book and poster lists in the App, you will find they have a letter and number.

Letter = the break time allocated, number = the screen on which to find it during that break. These screens are not touch/interactive screens, they will only show the designated poster.

In addition, a limited number of touch-interactive screens will be available in the ITAKOM Hub where you will be able to use a touch screen to navigate the app and look at the poster you are interested in.

How do I contact an author about a poster?


Once the app launches, you will have access to posters ahead of the event. If the author has registered to attend the event, you’ll be able to message them through the app.

How do I submit a poster?


All main authors will be receiving a link to upload posters with a deadline date of Friday 7 February 2023.

There are detailed guidelines on the website here regarding size/format of file to upload. But if you have any questions at all after reading that page, do contact us at

You cannot submit a poster unless you firstly submitted an abstract that was accepted.

I have another question


If you have already referenced other FAQ’s under About Programme and Registration Info, and cannot find an answer, please click here ( )to send us your enquiry via email

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