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Monday 13th – Tuesday 14th March 2023
EICC Edinburgh UK


ITAKOM is an international conference entirely focused on the far-reaching concept of neurodiversity.

Bringing together different perspectives, we can better understand neurodiversity, and create a neurodiversity affirmative world. 

Join us in-person in Edinburgh or attend virtually if you cannot be with us in person.


The meeting will draw together HR workplace professionals, practitioners, academics, the care sector—and of course, parents, siblings and families. ITAKOM will present the latest knowledge and visions for the future of embracing neurodiversity.  

The Venue

Edinburgh International Conference Centre

The Edinburgh International Conference Centre is situated in the heart of Scotland’s historic capital city. This purpose built conference centre is the perfect setting to host an global event like ITAKOM.



HR teams, managers and employers will learn how to cultivate and support a neurodiverse workforce for every-day business success from entrepreneurs and business leaders.



In our Education sessions, we’ll examine current challenges and explore the need for greater inclusivity for neurodivergent people, from school, to university and beyond.



Clinicians and academics will explore and learn how neurodiversity arises in our genes and our brain cells, and consider what that means for diagnosis, health and daily life.



These sessions will help delegates obtain a deeper understanding of neurodiversity, from a range of diverse voices, from across every facet of life.


This event is for anyone who believes in a society that embraces the differences between people. These differences are apparent in diagnoses like AutismADHD, Dyslexia, DyspraxiaDown Syndrome, Fragile x Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome and many others. 

Over 50 speakers will include experts on neurodiversity in the workplace, neuroscientists and nutritionists; campaigners, clinicians, comedians; actors, artists and activists to name just a few. All of them will be providing insights into how to better understand our differences, capture the richness of neurodiversity, and provide effective support where it is needed. 

Whether you are already familiar with the concept of neurodiversity, or the idea is quite new to you, you will find something for you at this conference! 

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Latest News

Rory Bremner joins the ITAKOM Line Up

Speaker: Rory Bremner Scottish comedian, political satirist, TV personality

Throughout his impressive career, our newly announced speaker, Rory Bremner, has enthralled audiences across the UK with hilarious impersonations of PMs and Presidents from Major to Mandela, Blair to Brown, Clinton to Cameron and Bush to Trump.

And as himself? Well, he’s been a presenter, writer, quiz-show host, actor, translator…he’s even done a stint as a ballroom dancer on Saturday prime time favourite Strictly.

Discover Rory Bremner ‘ADHD & Me’ at ITAKOM. 

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