13 – 14 March 2023
EICC Edinburgh UK

It Takes All Kinds Of Minds (ITAKOM for short) is an international conference entirely focused on the far-reaching concept of neurodiversity.

The meeting will draw together personal, practitioner and academic experience. Our goal is to present not only the latest knowledge, but also visions for the future of embracing neurodiversity. We believe that bringing together different perspectives can help us to better understand neurodiversity and create a neurodiversity affirmative world.

ITAKOM will leave no mind behind.

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2023/03/13 09:00:00

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Why attend

This event is for anyone who believes in a society that embraces the differences between people. These differences are apparent in diagnoses like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, Down syndrome, fragile x syndrome, Tourette syndrome and many others.

It Takes All Kinds of Minds is not just the conference name, but also the conference ethos. Over 50 speakers will include neuroscientists and nutritionists; campaigners, clinicians, comedians; actors, artists and activists to name just a few. All of them will be providing insights into how to better understand our differences, capture the richness of neurodiversity, and provide effective support where it is needed.

Whether you are already familiar with the concept of neurodiversity, or the idea is quite new to you, you will find something for you at this conference!

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(March – 31 October 2022
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Latest ITAKOM news

UK’s top satirical impressionist Rory Bremner will be joining us live on stage at ITAKOM next year to speak about his ADHD diagnosis.

He will leave all his impersonations behind to talk candidly about ‘ADHD and me’ -as he calls it ‘his best friend and worst enemy’

Don’t miss him!

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