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What is Neurodiversity?


Put simply, neurodiversity is the fact that all our brains process information in different ways. Neurodiversity includes everyone – the whole human race is neurodiverse.

This means there are differences in how we take in information from the world around us and in how we put that information together in our brains.

For example, in a classroom, children need different things to concentrate. Some children need a fidget toy or to sit on a bouncy chair. Others need complete silence to concentrate. Some children work well in both scenarios.

Our society is inherently neurodiverse – you will find neurodiversity in every family, classroom, hospital ward, workplace and neighbourhood. But neurodiversity is not always visible or labelled. Many neurodivergent people will have a diagnosis such as ADHD, autism and dyslexia or a genetic disorder such as fragile x syndrome or Rett syndrome (or a combination of these), but many will not. And those with a diagnosis might not always choose to share that information.

We all need to be aware of the existence of neurodiversity. We can use that awareness to:

  • accept the fact that we all have different experiences of, responses to, and needs in the world
  • create more inclusive communities, schools, workplaces and services
  • ask for, and provide, accommodations that enable us all to thrive
  • fight stigma, discrimination and prejudice
  • understand our own experience of the world and promote self-discovery
What does it mean to be neurodivergent?


Individuals may be neurodivergent, or neurotypical.

We use “neurodivergent” to describe people who are categorically distinct from the majority norm in both experience and behaviour. Autistic, dyslexic and dyspraxic people as well as people with ADHD, DLD, fragile x syndrome, Down syndrome or Tourette syndrome may all be described as neurodivergent, though this list is not exhaustive, and as individuals they may not necessarily choose to self-describe in that way.

What is the neurodiversity movement?


Neurodiversity is more than just a scientific fact. It is also a force for change, with implications for society as a whole. The neurodiversity movement pushes for the recognition of these implications and of the rights of neurodivergent people. One of the key implications of neurodiversity is that differences between neurotypes are naturally occurring, and that there is no one way to be that is inherently right or better.

Neurodiversity calls us all to accept without judgement the fact that we are not all the same and to find ways to support the varied needs that we all have. Neurodiversity provokes us, collectively, to innovate and to empathise – two things that have driven much of human progress.

At ITAKOM we will continue that progress through the exploration of neurodiversity and neurodivergence and the far-reaching implications of the idea in research and practice.

General FAQs

What does ITAKOM stand for?


IT Takes All Kinds Of Minds (ITAKOM for short). An international conference entirely focused on the far-reaching concept of neurodiversity, drawing together personal, practitioner and academic experience.

When is the conference and how can I attend?


ITAKOM will be held on 13 & 14 March 2023, and you are welcome to attend in person at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, or virtually.

Further details for virtual attendees will be released in due course. If you have any questions, please get in touch with ITAKOM’s conference organisers, Integrity Corporate Events at ITAKOM@integrity-events.com.

Why should professionals attend the conference?


This conference will combine expertise from both research and practice.

With each stream of the conference framed around a different level at which we explore neurodiversity – Cells, Circuits, Cognition and Community – ITAKOM speakers and sessions will address their personal, practitioner and academic experience.

Why should family members, carers, teachers or students attend the conference?


This conference will combine expertise from both research and practice.

With each stream of the conference framed around a different level at which we explore neurodiversity – Cells, Circuits, Cognition and Community – ITAKOM speakers and sessions will address their personal, practitioner and academic experiences.

Is there a conference app I can download?


Yes, the conference app will be available to download on Apple and Android devices. More information will be released in due course.

Will I receive a certificate of attendance for attending this conference?


Yes, a certificate of attendance will be awarded on completion of a post-event survey.

Please note, no CME or CDP points will be awarded. If you have submitted a poster that was selected to be shown at the conference, please contact us directly for poster certificates, ITAKOM@integrity-events.com.

How can I make a donation to Salvesen Mindroom Centre (SMC)?


To make a donation today, please follow this link to SMC’s donation page.

Children and young people with learning difficulties and their families still need support. The work isn’t over yet and you can help by continuing to donate. You can learn more about how your donation is used via the same link, or if you would like to receive a monthly newsletter, join SMC’s mailing list by contacting communications@mindroom.org.

Venue FAQs

Are there quiet spaces, nursing and multi-faith rooms available around the venue?


Yes, there will be dedicated quiet rooms located around the EICC, along with nursing, baby changing and multi faith rooms. If you need any assistance or have any special requirements, please contact ITAKOM@integrity-events.com.

Is the venue fully accessible?


The EICC is a modern, purpose-built, and fully accessible events venue. The venue has been designed to be inclusive to people of all abilities and their team has received full Equality and Diversity Training. For further information on the EICC, please see the following page of their website:


What will the accessibility measures be at the event?


Our venue is a modern, purpose-built conference centre. Information about accessibility measures in the building are available here. In addition, the ITAKOM organisers are taking a number of steps to make the event accessible and inclusive. We will provide a quiet room for silent breaks, and a second break-out room which will not be silent but will provide respite from the busy conference.

More generally there will be a strong expectation on all delegates to respect and accept differences in how people approach the conference. We are asking delegates about their accessibility needs at the point of registration and will use answers to identify common needs and increase our provision for those needs, and to liaise with individual delegates who have more specific requirements.

Registration FAQs

How do I register?


Register for ITAKOM by clicking on the register button at the top right hand side of this page.

What is the cost of registration?


Registration rates start from £195 for those personally or privately funding their attendance at ITAKOM, to £295 for those who have professional funding. Registration rates increase as we get closer to the conference so its beneficial to book early to secure the lowest possible rate. There is also a slight difference in the cost of attending in-person compared to attending virtually. This video explains the ITAKOM pricing structure.

I do not have funding to attend. Is there another way I can attend ITAKOM?


Yes! We aim to make ITAKOM 2023 as accessible as possible, so please get in touch with us for more information on bursary places. You can reach us at ITAKOM@integrity-events.com.

Can I purchase group tickets for 5+ people?


Yes! If you are a non-profit organisation, community group or charity, you can receive discounts when purchasing tickets for 5 or more people. Please contact us at ITAKOM@integrity-events.com for more information.

Corporate organisations do not qualify for this offer.

Can I purchase my ticket onsite the day of the event?


Tickets will be available to buy from the Edinburgh International Conference Centre during the event, subject to availability. We recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Why is a virtual registration the same price as attending in person?


This video explains the ITAKOM pricing structure.

I am attending virtually. What devices can I use to access ITAKOM 2023?


Recommended web browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Edge. We suggest you access sessions on a computer for the best viewing.

Payment FAQs

What form of payment is accepted?


The following payment cards can be accepted:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & Diners, China UnionPay (CUP) and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB).

I registered for the conference, but I am now unable to attend. Can I transfer my registration to another person or cancel it?


You have the option to transfer your registration to another person. Please contact us by 17 February 2023 via ITAKOM@integrity-events.com to do so. Unfortunately, transfers cannot be made after this date.

In the result of the conference being cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions, ITAKOM 2023 will be moved to a fully virtual conference. Further details will be provided in this case.

Conference Content & Programme FAQs

Where will I find up to date information on ITAKOM 2023?


We’ll be sending all the information you need to the email address you registered with. We also recommend you follow us on social media:


Where can I see a list of speakers at this year’s conference?


See the presenter page on the website for some of our 45+ speakers who have already signed up to speak. We will be updating the list as more speakers are confirmed.

ITAKOM 2023 will bring together world-class speakers to deliver sessions on the most current and interesting topics surrounding neurodiversity. Speakers include neuroscientists and nutritionists, campaigners, clinicians, comedians, artists, actors, speakers with lived experience and carers.

Am I able to re-watch sessions online after the conference is over?


Yes, as an attendee of ITAKOM you will have access to all sessions until 15 May 2023.

Sponsorship and Exhibition FAQs

I am interested in being a conference sponsor, exhibitor and/or advertiser. How can I get more information?


ITAKOM is a major international conference which will bring together 1,000+ healthcare leaders, decision-makers, executives, professionals and families to share insights and experiences, network and develop excellence in neurodiversity care. Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are limited, so please have a look at the sponsorship and exhibition page and get in touch with Carla.fitzpatrick@integrity-events.com for more information.

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