Hello – and welcome to an exclusive preview of our spectacular 3D ITAKOM film.

Produced by BAFTA and Emmy Award winning Fusion Medical Animation – we travel in amongst neurons, synapses and glial cells to the stunning musical score especially composed for ITAKOM by former Professor of Genetics David FitzPatrick.

David FitzPatrick discovered my daughter Annie’s chromosome deletion back in 2007.

A note from the composer David FitzPatrick:

“My intention was to create a score that would be of interest to neurodiverse audiences… The opening melodic theme is inspired by the rhythm of the morse code for ITAKOM. I am reasonably certain that there will be people who will spot this feature.”

Thank you also to Dilly Barlow for the perfect voice over!

The ITAKOM film – 2min 20 sec – will be screened at the opening of It Takes All Kinds Of Minds (ITAKOM) on 13th March 2023 at Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

We hope to see you there of course – until then please enjoy this exclusive screening,

Sophie Dow
Co-Director ITAKOM
Founder Salvesen Mindroom Centre

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