Education Session Highlights

Through our Education Sessions, teachers and educators will hear our experts consider the varied school and educational experiences and lifelong learning of neurodivergent people. They will also critically examine educational inclusion.

These are just some of the sessions we have in store. Join us for these insightful talks from some of the world’s top neurodiversity thinkers.


Inclusive learning 

Tuesday 14th, March (a.m.)

In this live session, hear about innovative approaches to learning, with radical potential to shift our ideas of inclusive learning.


Dr Alyssa Alcorn is the lead researcher on the Learning About Neurodiversity at School (LEANS) project and LEANS Community (LEANS-C) impact project, based at the University of Edinburgh’s Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre. In this presentation, we’ll hear the latest from the LEANS project, a creative new approach to teaching primary school children about neurodiversity.will review the history of neurodiversity including how early pioneers in the field identified different diagnostic groups, and today’s legacy of that early work.


Dr Jamie Marshall is a surf therapist and PhD Researcher at Napier University, Edinburgh. In this “Off to the Beach: Surf therapy” talk, Jamie will outline this new approach to mental health, exploring how surfing can cultivate resilience and wellbeing for neurodivergent young people.

Professional Relationships

Tuesday 14th, March (p.m.)

Two practical takes on professional-personal relationships in the context of neurodiversity.

Dr Dinah Aitken (Salvesen Mindroom Centre) will talk on “home-school relationships” in her presentation providing insights into making the partnership between parents and teachers work for your child.


Sonny Hallett, counsellor and co-founder of AMASE, investigates role of neurodiversity in therapeutic relationships in his session entitled “Counselling for Different Ways of Being”.     

Neurodiversity in Education

Tuesday 14th, March (p.m.)

In this Big Talk, hear from a world-leading practitioner who describes how neurodiversity manifests and can be embraced in schools.


Dr Loretta Gioricelli, OAM, Author, Specialist Consultant to schools and schools systems, Sydney, Australia


Communication and Stigma

Tuesday 14th, March (a.m.)


In this pre-recorded Big Talk Hari Srinivasan, (PhD Neuroscience student at Vanderbilt University, USA), tackles the stigma experienced by users of assistive communication devices, like the presenter himself, as well as considering the experience of ACC as a hopeful way forward.