Community Session Highlights

In the Community Sessions, we’ll explore neurodiversity through the relationships we have, in our homes and our wider communities.

These are just some of the sessions we have in store. Discover insights and expertise from all corners of the neurodiversity world.


Neurodiversity & Quality of Life 

Monday 13th, March (a.m.)

Professor Sven Bolte (Director of the Centre of Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm) explores how we can measure what “the good life” really means for very different kinds of people; discover how quality of life can be manifest in different ways for different people, and practical information about tools for measuring quality of life.

Storytelling Sessions

Monday 13th, March (p.m.)

Filmed personal stories available on a video loop; drop in any time

How can we build supportive communities for people with rare syndromes?

Monday 13th, March (a.m.)

An interactive workshop: Join us and contribute to identifying the best ways to provide supportive communities for people with rare genetic syndromes like fragile x, SYNGAP-1 or Smith-Magenis syndrome and their families.

The session will be led by Heather Love, University of Edinburgh and Natalie Frankish, Genetic Alliance UK

Neurodiversify your mind: neuroPointers for an inclusive existence

Monday 13th, March (p.m.)


An interactive workshop: This interactive workshop will include an experiential activity designed by neuropo(i)nt to support participants to develop an understanding of some of the challenges faced by neurodivergent young people, as well as strategies and supports that can make a difference. The second half of the workshop will give an opportunity for participants to hear personal experiences and insights directly from neurodivergent young people.  

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Diversity in Neurodiversity

Monday 13th, March (p.m.)

Gain insights into how neurodiversity can be understood alongside other socio political phenomena and where this idea sits within a general equality diversity and inclusion framework


Dr Nick Walker is a queer autistic writer, educator, and futurist, best known for her foundational work on the neurodiversity paradigm and Neuroqueer Theory. She is a professor of psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies, Managing Editor at Autonomous Press, senior aikido instructor at the Aiki Arts Center in Berkeley, California, and author of the book Neuroqueer Heresies. She also writes speculative fiction, including the urban fantasy webcomic Weird Luck.



Our second talk (speaker to be announced) will consider neurodiversity from a global perspective, considering how the idea changes across cultures. 


Neurodivergent Journeys 

Tuesday 14th, March (a.m.)

A lifespan view on neurodiversity and some of the challenges that arise for people who don’t follow the typical path.


Dr Kathleen Bechtold is an Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins University, USA. In her talk “Transition into Adulthood”, Kathleen will crucially examine the importance of understanding and supporting the transition from adolescent to adult life.    


Holly Wagner, actor, writer and epilepsy advocate will speak about her life with epilepsy, bringing her personal perspective on living with a lifelong condition.