Call for Abstracts

Please follow the link below to submit an abstract for ITAKOM 2023!

We are looking for new research reports that showcase exciting and creative approaches to understanding neurodiversity, and applying that knowledge.

Submitting authors will select one of four levels of explanation at which they think their work makes a contribution:


Understanding the roots of neurodiversity at a cellular level, in genes, neurons and synapses


Exploring now neurodiversity is manifest in the regions, networks and functions of the brain


Describing neurodiversity’s impact on thinking and learning


Investigating the phenomenon of neurodiversity in communities including families, schools and wider society

At all levels of explanation were are interested in a range of methods – you can submit a project with social science methodologies to the Circuits stream, and a neuroimaging study to Community. For example, a piece of qualitative work exploring parents’ responses to a diagnosis of a rare genetic syndrome could be part of Cells. Feel free to think broadly and creatively about how your work maps onto our themes, without being bound to traditional disciplinary boundaries.

In this call, we want to hear about research-generated knowledge. This will include neurodivergent-led research and practitioner-led research. You don’t have to have a PhD or work in a University to submit.

You can submit for a talk, or a digital poster presentation. Talks will ideally be delivered live at the conference, but we can consider pre-recorded presentations too. If you select a talk, you may be offered a poster presentation instead. Posters will all be digital – and available to browse for both in-person and digital conference delegates during and after the event. We will work hard to make the poster experience effective, interactive and rewarding for you and your audience.

On the abstract submission form, there is an option to tell us about aspects of your lived experience as well as your research findings. We are looking to ensure we represent a range of neurodivergent identities, and promote work submitted by members of marginalised and under-represented groups.

Later in 2022, we will also launch a Call for Stories. This will be an option to allow people who have personal stories to tell (via words, pictures, performance or experience) to submit to the conference. Please sign up here for updates when this call goes live.


Release the call:
24 March 2022

Closing date for abstract submission:
25 May 2022 at midnight (UK)

Acceptance decisions expected:
3 August 2022

Early bird registration closes:
30 September 2022

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