The conference took place on Monday 13 – Tuesday 14 March 2023
at Edinburgh International Conference Centre and online.

Our team are now debriefing and deciding what to do next with and for the amazing

community who came together at the event.

Thank you for your patience while we archive the event content on this site and plan our next move!

What is ITAKOM?

ITAKOM was an international conference entirely focused on the far-reaching concept of neurodiversity.

Bringing together different perspectives, we can better understand neurodiversity, and create a neurodiversity affirmative world. 

A thousand delegates joined us in-person in Edinburgh or attended virtually for this immensely successful event.

Watch this space for what comes next from ITAKOM and the Salvesen Mindroom Centre.

Delegate feedback

“absolutely the most affirming and hopeful space I have ever been privileged to be part of as a neurodivergent person” – Psychologist

“the experience was a gift really, joyful and grounding, way beyond what I could have imagined or expected” – Therapist

“So much to think about, and such a positive and constructive atmosphere” – Academic

“it was an outstanding event and I feel re-energised in my interest in this area. Everything was so well done – you really have set the standard.” – Paediatrician

“It was a complete and utter treat to be in the company of such brilliant minds simply oozing empathy and common sense. Speakers and delegates alike were enormously interesting and I have taken so much away from the conference” – Nurse Specialist



HR teams, managers and employers learnt how to cultivate and support a neurodiverse workforce for every-day business success from entrepreneurs and business leaders.



Clinicians and academics explored and learnt how neurodiversity arises in our genes and our brain cells, and considered what that means for diagnosis, health and daily life.



In our Education sessions, we examined current challenges and explored the need for greater inclusivity for neurodivergent people, from school, to university and beyond.



These sessions helped delegates obtain a deeper understanding of neurodiversity in our society, from a range of diverse voices, from across every facet of life.

Our thanks 

This event was for anyone who believes in a society that embraces the differences between people. These differences are apparent in diagnoses like AutismADHD, Dyslexia, DyspraxiaDown Syndrome, Fragile x Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome and many others. 

We are indebted to over 50 speakers including experts on neurodiversity in the workplace, neuroscientists and nutritionists; campaigners, clinicians, comedians; actors, artists and activists to name just a few. All of them provided invaluable insights into how to better understand our differences, capture the richness of neurodiversity, and provide effective support where it is needed. 

We are also deeply grateful to the many partners who worked hard to make our event a neurodiversity-affirmative space. Many delegates have told us how comfortable they felt to be themselves. While we know it also took a lot of energy to attend the event, we have the impression is was worth it!

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Rory Bremner joins the ITAKOM Line Up

Throughout his impressive career, our newly announced speaker, Rory Bremner, has enthralled audiences across the UK with hilarious impersonations of PMs and Presidents from Major to Mandela, Blair to Brown, Clinton to Cameron and Bush to Trump.

And as himself? Well, he’s been a presenter, writer, quiz-show host, actor, translator…he’s even done a stint as a ballroom dancer on Saturday prime time favourite Strictly.

Discover Rory Bremner ‘ADHD & Me’ at ITAKOM. 

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